About My Work


 My association with comic books started when I was just a little boy. I can’t even remember exactly when I first started reading comics. According to my family, I first began by taking and looking at my older brother’s comics. Apparently I was a tremendous Batman fan.  
 Comics have shaped virtually every aspect of my life. Even now, as a supposed adult (when did THAT happen?) I find that I want my profession to be part of the process that creates them. I started out reading them, then copying them, and now I draw them. Or at least I’m trying to draw them. I’ve got to practice a whole lot more and I’m sure that I’ll need to keep practicing for the rest of my life. I’ll never stop learning and never stop growing. Isn’t that what life, both real and graphic, is all about?
My works are meant to showcase my love of comics and drawing. I have endeavored to blend freehand drawing and modern technology. I want the people and places that I put in my artwork to be wholly recognizable. The physicality and wardrobe of my subjects (victims?) is occasionally wildly different from their everyday mode of existence but that’s one of the great things about artistic license. My toons are meant to convey a sense of fun; a look at things through a slightly skewed prism.